For the Vendor

Attending to the transfer of a property may seem a simple process that takes little time. Nothing is further from the truth! Conveyancing is a complex series of tasks that require knowledge and skill and for this reason conveyancers must hold special qualifications and be licensed.

Below is a list of tasks required to fulfil a Conveyancer’s legal obligations to you.

  • Take initial instructions from client.
  • Carefully peruse the contract, Form 1 and any other documents.
  • Obtain appropriate statutory searches. Check contract and Form 1 against searches to ensure all information is correct.
  • Calculate adjustments and send statement to purchasers conveyancer.
  • Ensure special conditions are met by their allocated due dates.
  • Complete settlement (either electronically or at the Lands Titles Office) on the settlement day to complete the transaction.
  • Disburse the remaining funds as per your instructions.
  • Send change of ownership advice to rating authorities and any community or strata corporation.

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